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Wishflower Entertainment is a full-service production company based in Atlanta, Georgia, that specializes in developing and producing films, television shows, music videos, commercials & campaigns. Wishflower was founded in 2018 by film Producer/Writer/Director, Krista O’Connor. ​Wishflower believes in the power of story and the impression a story can make on the soul.

Wishflower is dedicated to telling compelling stories that resonate with audiences and promote positive social change in our world. Story is our passion for all projects we take on. Once there is a solid story, then a solid production is needed to bring that story to life. From development to post-production, we can bring you a powerful, professional, and stunning project.

The Wishflower promise is we work hard while staying safe, and having lots of laughs!


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Our Awards

We are proud of our CEO, Krista O’Connor, who has been recognized for her outstanding work in writing, producing, directing, and editing. Check out a few of the awards she has received thus far. 

Wishflower Awards

Screencraft 2018 Comedy Screenwriting Contest

  • Quarterfinalist – Super Swipe

Screencraft 2019 Fellowship Screenwriting Contest

  • Quarterfinalist - Soul to Keep

Austin Film Festival 2019

  • Quarterfinalist - Super Swipe

Atlanta Film Festival and Kamakazie

  • Winner – Best Parody Video



Krista O’Connor developed her love for film, music, and writing at a very young age. Krista is an innate poet, songwriter, and storyteller, winning many awards for her writing throughout her life. Krista studied theater and music all through high school developing a passion for acting. Krista also has a passion for law, graduating Cum Laude and earning a Bachelors of Science in Legal Studies. Krista spent many years as a top paralegal in Atlanta, GA. While she had a passion for law, she just couldn’t ignore her calling to be creative. 

Krista got her start in screenwriting, placing in multiple writing contests, like the 2019 Austin Film Festival,  Screencraft Comedy Contest and Fellowship with her original scripts, Super Swipe and Soul to Keep. Krista has spent the last five years honing in on her craft and has been blessed with incredible opportunities in Hollywood and the Indie world. She has now produced, directed, written, edited, acted, and more in 20 film, television, music, and commercial productions.   

Her latest film release, Irregular Mind, is available for rent/purchase on on Amazon Prime now!  

    Our Services

    Wishflower Entertainment is a growing production company primarily serving the Atlanta, Nashville, New York, and Los Angeles markets.

    Film & TV Production


    Wishflower works heavily in film and television, from development to post production, we are there the entire way when packaging, producing, filming, editing, and getting content distributed. Wishflower has a heavy slate of features and shows that are currently in development, ranging from Drama, Comedy, Thriller, Faith, and Sci-fi. Wishflower focuses on powerful stories with underlining positive messages.

    Commercials & Marketing Campaigns


    Wishflower's branding department is your one stop shop to create movie quality and compelling commercials. Wishflower knows how to capture your audience and enhance your brand to bring you that high dollar marketing look without breaking the bank.

    Music Video Production


    Creating a music video is more than just turning on the camera, it's story. Wishflower works with music artists to understand their vision behind their music and brings it all together in a compelling way to help your art shine!

    Johnny Phillips, Esq.

    Wishflower shot and produced the Law Office of Johnny Phillips' 4th commercial, which involved a major tractor trailer wreck. I was over the moon with the quality of the final product, which was not only stunning, but also emotionally impactful. Wishflower and it’s amazing team were an amazing and fun crew to work with and I HIGHLY recommend their services as a top filming and production company!

    Johnny Phillips, Esq. -

      Our Work

      Click on the links below to check out some of our latest work.

      Irregular Mind - Out Now on Amazon Prime

      Rated PG-13 - Thriller

      A single mom finally gets a night out on the town, but her fun is disrupted with paranoia after experiencing a chilling encounter with her Hitch driver.

      This Means War

      Rated PG - Action Sci-Fi

      Just when Lance, a failed magician, thinks he isn't worthy to follow in his father's footsteps, he finds a strange trick that takes him to an inter-dimensional world of misunderstandings.

      Super Swipe

      Rated PG-13 - Romantic Comedy


      Soul to Keep

      Rated R - Sci-Fi Drama


      The Loss of Innocence

      Rated R - Drama

      After the tragic death of his wealthy mother, a young boy is torn away from the only family he has ever known, when a judge assigns full custody to his newly discovered and abusive biological father.

      Marketing Campaigns

      Bubbles Benefit helping Hands Across Atlanta

      Wishflower had the pleasure to join AIS Media with their marketing campaign and get involved in the community by capturing the magic of the Bubbles Benefit, which benefits the local charity, Hands Across Atlanta. Hands Across Atlanta helps families and children in need all across the city.


      Commercial Production

      In this heartbreaking true story, we pay tributes to a late client in the Law Office of Johnny Phillips trucking accident commercials, which aired on January 1, 2020, on Daytime TV in the metro Atlanta area.

      Music Videos

      Music Video Production

      Music videos not only need to be visually stunning, but they need to tell an impactful story. Telling the story of a song with visuals takes more than just getting behind a camera and shooting! The most important part, for Wishflower, is communication. We want to be sure we are bringing the feeling to your audience that you intended with your song. To do that, we must know the meaning behind your music, and we can powerfully evoke emotions to your audience. And what happens when your work stirs up emotion? People remember it and talk about it! Contact us today to discuss a possible collaboration on your music video or documentary.


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